Quest Language Studies | Designated Learning Institution (DLI)#: O19375993682

English Immersion

An ideal program for students interested in English immersion. Students live a "Canadian life" in a totally English environment while they receive private, intensive English lessons (15 or 20 hours per week) from their own teacher in his or her home. Lessons and vocabulary are needs-based and personalized to each student's needs. The curriculum is provided by Quest.

Our teacher homestays are carefully selected based on the following criteria:

  • Teacher qualifications: Bachelors degree, teaching certificate and 2 years experience teaching
  • Teaching ability: A good teacher requires more than qualifications. We look for teaching ability (the ability to bond and impart knowledge) in all our teachers.
  • Home comfort: The condition of the house and it's equipment is inspected to ensure your comfort.
  • Teaching room: All teacher homestays must have a designated teaching room equipped with a internet connected computer, whiteboard, comfortable chairs and teaching aids such as an audio player, resource books, etc.