A Sample Listing Elective Workshops

Listening and Speaking:

This workshop helps participants learn how to listen effectively and improve their overall communication skills. It will provide the tools, tips and methods to help students communicate more effectively, participate in discussions and understand listening material from a variety of sources.


Current Affairs:

Students put all their language skills to work through research and discussion of current affairs. Students are actively engaged in discussion with topics, such as: Environment, Technology, Politics, Music, Entertainment, Celebrities and much more.



This workshop focuses on the most effective techniques and strategies for developing, implementing and maintaining marketing campaigns Cultural factors affecting marketing styles and plans are a critical component of the program.



Reduce common pronunciation errors and develop more natural intonation and stress patterns. Learn about English consonant and vowel sounds, intonation, word stress, word reductions, sentence rhythm, and blending words in English conversation.


Survival English:

Provides critical language skills and vocabulary for everyday situations. Ideal for lower level learners who need to know how to ask for information and express their needs in such situations as: getting a taxi, at the airport, opening a bank account, asking for directions, going to the doctor, answering the telephone and more.


Power Speaking:

Improve your speaking style and presentation skills through debates and presentations. The course is designed to take your public speaking expertise and presentation skills to a higher level by effectively overcoming your fears and providing you with the confidence to speak to any audience.


Business Writing:

Learn the critical elements of business communication in writing letters, emails, proposals, business briefs, memos and more.


Blogging and Podcasting

Blogging and podcasting have become the ultimate forum for self-expression and individual journalism. They are also increasingly used by corporations for marketing, branding and public relations. This workshop will introduce you to the tools needed for blogging/podcasting and how to create your own blog


English through Acting and Film

Through role play and exploring emotions this workshop provides a fun, natural and effective means for students to improve their vocabulary and speaking skills


Music, Lyrics and Meaning:

Language and music are tied together in brain processing by pitch, rhythm and by symmetrical phrasing. Music can help familiarize students with connections and provides a fun way to acquire English.


Job Search (Resumes/Interviews)

For intermediate level learners who need to prepare resumes and learn how to give a solid interview. The workshop provides students with ideas of where to look for work, how to write a resume specific to their field and how present themselves effectively at interviews.


Telephone English

Even for higher level students speaking to someone over the telephone can be a difficult and frightening experience. This workshop will help you to overcome your fears and be much more confident about making and answering calls in English. Using real telephone students will make in-class calls for practice involving a variety of situations. Later students will make real life calls asking for information, advice and services.