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The Education You Need for the Future You Want

The Quest Academic Pathway Program (APP) is your gateway to the higher education you need for the career you want.

The benefits of the APP are:

  • Full or conditional admission to a College or University degree program.
  • Develop your English language skills to a new level of excellence in preparation for academic success in your field of study.
  • Earn a recognized college or university degree - 1, 2, 3 or 4 years in duration depending on program. Degrees offered include Bachelors, Diplomas and Post- Graduate Certificates.
  • Have the opportunity to integrate your academic learning with paid practipathway brochurecal work experience through coop placements while studying.
  • Work for up to 3 years in Canada after graduating in your field of study. Up to 90% successful employment rate with full job placement assistance.

Program Requirements and Details

  • Entry: High- intermediate level of English - Quest level 7. Entry test required.
  • Duration: 12 to 16 weeks Academic Pathway Program.
  • Exit: Successful completion of the Academic Pathway Exit Test.

The APP will challenge students to develop their English skills for success in academia. Each day of the program consists of six sections:

  • Section 1: Academic Reading
  • Section 2: Research and Discussion with Short Report Writing
  • Section 3: Academic Essay Writing
  • Section 4: MLA Citation Style
  • Section 5: Presentations
  • Section 6: Academic Lecture Series (Optional)

The program will enable students to:

  • Develop effective learning strategies and research skills for application to academic writing.
  • Build an academic lexicon and develop strong presentation skills.
  • Read effectively for main idea identification, scanning for specifics and linking and organizing idea.
  • Upon successful completion of the program and related requirements, students may then enter into a wide variety of programs at partnering institutions. The table below indicates the minimum language proficiency level required to enter a college or university degree program. The majority of programs require APP exit test score of 74 to 87. Higher scores may be required for some programs.
  • Students who meet these criteria will generally not be required to take any other entrance schedule


Quest Pathway program graduates are eligible for entrance scholarships, up to $3000.00, with partnering institutions. All students are guaranteed a $500.00 scholarship payable two week after having started their studies at a partner institution. In addition, students who achieve high academic standards at Quest and who maintain that status in their first semester at a partner college or university are eligible to receive an additional $500 Quest scholarship.

The 360 Pathway Program

The 360 Pathway Program combines the Academic Pathway Program with the internship placement service of our Career Pathway Program.
You can combine the Academic Pathway Program (APP) with the placement services of our Career Pathway Program (CPP) to get a paid or unpaid internship placement either before starting your degree studies or after completing your degree studies.

360 Pathway before starting advanced studies:

College and university degree programs accept students only in September and January of each year. Students that need to wait to enter a program after completing their APP course can enroll in our 360 Pathway Program. The program will enable students to further enhance their English skills and gain valuable work experience in an English speaking work environment while waiting to enter a partner institution's program.

360 Pathway after completing advanced studies:

After completing their studies at a partnering institution students are eligible to work in Canada for up to 3 years. The 360 Pathway Program can assist eligible students in finding a work placement where they can effectively put their skills to work and get their career started right after graduation.

Students in the 360 Pathway Program have the advantage of special workshops designed to assist them in finding work placements.

Students in the 360 Pathway Program are responsible for only the APP fees and work placement fee of the CPP.


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