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Homestay Accommodation

Homestay is the best accommodation option for most students. It is affordable and provides you with a home like environment where your host family can help you to:

  • practice your English,
  • get to know your city
  • understand the cultu
  • generally adjust to life in Canada

Your host family will offer you the security of a home base where you will live and build on your studies. They will welcome and introduce you to the Canadian experience and assist you in fitting into the culture so that you get the most out of your experience. Host families are carefully selected on the basis of their interest, background and the quality of the accommodation they can offer you.

  • Fully furnished private room
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Accessible to public transport
  • Access to telephone, television laundry and other amenities
  • Nutritious meals – 1, 2 or 3 meals

Why Choose Quest Acommodations

Your accommodation is an important part of your experience. To ensure your comfort and happiness, we carefully screen and select accommodations on the basis of your needs. Prior to your arrival, you will receive complete details on your accommodation, including:

Quest does not use an accommodation agency to book your accommodation. Your accommodation is arranged directly by Quest. This helps to ensure better quality and if you have any problems with or questions about your accommodation, you know you can speak directly to Quest and rely on us to resolve any issues quickly. At least two to three weeks prior to your arrival we will send you complete accommodation information, including: details about location, pictures (outside and inside, hosts) and nearby transportation. We have even begun providing video profiles on some accommodation profiles. See sample profile below.

To ensure your satisfaction, we provide the highest industry satisfaction guarantee - you will be allowed up to 5 days after arrival to change your accommodation at no extra cost.

Sample Accommodation Profile (provided for all homestays and residences)