Designated Learning Institution (DLI)#: O19375993682
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Core English Program

Learn English and discover new opportunities


The Core English program is our foundation program and provides training in all language skills based on a communicative methodology. The program takes a comprehensive approach to learning practical English with emphasis on speaking, pronunciation, writing and listening skills.

The aim of the program is to improve your overall language skills recognizing the strong link between knowledge of grammar (taught in a communicative fashion) and oral communication skills.

Small class sizes (maximum 12, except July and August in which it is 16) emphasize active participation by all students and ensure fast progress.

A structured text-book based curriculum enables students to easily understand and follow the material. The full-time program is divided into 2 major parts each day: the mornings focus on developing your grammar, vocabulary reading and writing skills while the afternoons focus on developing on your listening, speaking and pronunciation skills.

Courses are offered from the beginner through to advanced levels - 10 levels in total.

To ensure progress, you will be tested on a weekly basis and provided a monthly evaluation report. Successful evaluations will enable to proceed to the next level every 4 to 5 weeks.


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