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Enhance Your Studies

Enrich your learning experience with optional add-ons to their program of study. Add-ons cannot be taken alone but can be combined with any other program to supplement and expand your course of study.

English MAX

Each Friday from 13:00 to 15:50 we offer the ultimate English workout - English MAX. English MAX provides an intensive, fun, interactive English practice session that will increase your confidence and ease in speaking English. Each session (3 lessons per session) consists of role plays, creative team projects and immersive interactions

You can combine the English MAX add-on with any course and with any intensity. Each Friday session is standalone, so you can register for as many sessions as you wish. For example: Register for 12 weeks at 28 lessons in Core English and 6 English MAX sessions.

Chat Buddy

You can greatly improve your English skills by signing up for our optional Canadian Chat Buddy program (max. 5 students per Buddy) which will help you to practice your conversational skills outside of the classroom and become familiar with Canadian life through a variety of social activities. The exact times and days for the program vary and you will meet with your Chat Buddy in your first week to determine which times are most suitable for your both. Normally though, you will meet with your Chat buddy on Saturdays and Sundays.

Through this program you will expand your conversation skills as you experience Canadian life and culture through direct contact and discussions with native language Canadian Chat Buddies. Most chat buddies are Canadian university students who have some teaching experience and are enjoy finding our about new cultures and peoples.

Volunteer Placement

Enhance your studies and experience in Canada through volunteering. Volunteering allows you to be fully immersed in Canadian culture. You can work side by side with the locals, helping them better their lives and communities. You can get a strong sense of community and be able to experience something most other students never will. No matter what you're interested in, there are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities to participate in, from assisting the elderly to helping children learn and counseling and mentoring to name only a few.

Volunteering also enables you to round our your resume with community based work that can complement your academic and professional achievements. It also provides you with a unique opportunity to practice and improve your language skills in real world situations.

Our volunteer placement program matches your skills and interests with volunteer opportunities where they most needed and from which you can most benefit. You can combine a volunteer placement with any Quest program of study for a small one time placement fee (please see our fee sheet).


Internship - for Working Holiday Visa Students Only

WHIP provides Working Holiday Visa holders the opportunity to combine any Quest English program with an internship placement in an area that reflects their experience and interests.

Both paid and unpaid placements are available depending on the industry and the applicants experience and education. Placements are possible in numerous areas, including: Hospitality, Business Administration, Sales, Services and Information Technology.

  • Only International Experience Canada Working Holiday visa holders are eligible.
  • Minimum 4 weeks of intensive English is required prior to commencing work placement.


infoProgram information and requirements:

Optional add-ons enable you to extend and enhance your studies.

  • Start date: Every Monday
  • in combination with any primary program (Core English, Focus on Communication, EPP and APP)
  • Add-ons cannot be taken by themselves
  • Add-ons can be taken in combination with any Quest primary program.
  • Duration: Same as primary program
  • Minimum Age: 17
  • - Volunteer placement: 18
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Happy Valentines day to all our Quest friends out there! Where ever you are, we send you lots of love and hearts!! #studyquest #lovequest #questvalentine


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Take advantage of the free admission to AGO every Wednesday from 6-9 pm. Lots of masterpieces to appreciate! #questatago #torontoago #lovequest #questactivity #queststudents #studyquest #agoquest #funquest


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Hello Quest! Say hello to the new students this month! Please welcome them and say hi if you run into them in school! #newquest #welcometoquest #helloquest #hiquest #lovequest #studyquest #funquest #orientationquest #questbest #queststudents #firstdayatquest


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Any exciting plans for this weekend? Share them with us! #studyquest #internationalstudents #friday #weekend #friends #toronto #canada #experience #discover #ontario #torontolife #followus #follow 😁


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For some it was a couple of months, for others just a couple of weeks but the friends and memories you made are to keep forever. Best Wishes to all of our graduating students. Good luck with all that the future brings.


Friday, February 2nd, 2018 pm28 5:00PMfb-profile-picture

Discover lighting creations of every size and type. View installations appearing to float in the sky. Experience magical light sculptures, breath taking light canopies, neon artworks & futuristic laser formations. #QuestLove #Questactivites #QuestFamily #QuesttakingovertheDIstillery


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Hey Mazatlan ! Come and visit our booth 😊 #studyquest #studyabroad #internationalstudents #queststudents #mexico #sinaloa #mazatlan #toronto


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New students are here at Quest! Please give them a big hug and say hello when you run into them! #newquest #studentquest #firstdayquest #helloquest #meetquest #studyquest #lovequest #bestquest


Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 pm31 5:00PMfb-profile-picture

Students got to experience Korea town as they went out for karaoke night. It was a night full of laughter and entertainment. #QuestFamily #QuestFun #Questactivities #QuestatKoreaTown #QuestKaraoke


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Quest Students got the ultimate experience as they got to see the Marlies get a couple of pucks in. #QuestActivities #QuestFun #QuestFamily #TorontoMarlies #QuestToronto #QuestLove #Marliesforthewin


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Today our school received the Best Academic Pathway Program Award from ウィル留学センター - WILL Education Consulting!!! 🎟️🏅🎉 A VERY BIG THANK YOU to our great teachers who are so passionate and professional! We are so proud of you and grateful for your work! 🤩 Thank you so much ウィル留学センター - WILL Education Consulting!


Thursday, January 25th, 2018 pm31 7:29PMfb-profile-picture

Break time means fun time...


Thursday, January 25th, 2018 pm31 5:12PMfb-profile-picture

Congratulations to all the students who won the top of the class & Student of the Month! Very proud and keep up the good work everyone! #bestquest #studentquest #studyquest #queststudents #topoftheclassquest #studentofthemonthquest #happyquest #proudquest #lovequest


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Free pizza, piano show, interactive art installations and what to do in Toronto today! 🇨🇦️🍕🎶 #studyquest #toronto #canada #queststudies #studyabroad #learnenglish #english #school #internationalstudents #international #experience #discover #ontario #torontolife #followus


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We would like to Welcome all the lovely new faces. We hope that you have a wonderful learning experience with us.


Saturday, January 20th, 2018 pm31 5:00PMfb-profile-picture

This weekend students had the opportunity to stroll through the Distillery District. The Festival exhibits the creativity of local and international artists and is a winter experience designed to entertain & inspire.


Friday, January 19th, 2018 pm31 10:26PMfb-profile-picture

Free admission to the Art Gallery is every Wednesdays from 6-9PM! Enjoy lots of beautiful art works, and enjoy the fantastic view of the CN tower from the 5th floor balcony! Let's go again next time! #studyquest #lovequest #bestquest #activityquest #queststudents #questactivity #funquest #excitingquest #agoquest


Friday, January 19th, 2018 pm31 7:23PMfb-profile-picture

Congratulations to all the graduating students! Wishing everyone a great future! We will miss you very much. Be healthy and happy, and again congratulations! #questgraduation #questbest #farewellquest #studyquest #torontoquest #goodbyequest #seeyouquest #lovequest #missyouquest