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Internships / Work and Study Programs (6)
Paid and unpaid working and study programs designed to improve your English skills and provide you with valuable experience.

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• What programs do you offer?
   For a complete list of our programs, please click on the Programs tab in the menu bar above....
   Rating :        Views : 3026       Last Update : 2008-02-19

• What are the start dates for your programs?
   The start dates for our programs are as follows: Every Monday for: Core English, Focus on Com...
   Rating :        Views : 3007       Last Update : 2010-07-22

• How long are your programs?
   Our program lengths are: Core English, Focus on Communication: 2 to 38 weeks Exam prepar...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 2820       Last Update : 2010-07-22

• How many hours per week are your courses?
   Possible hours of study per week are: 15 hours/week, part-time: Light Program 20 hours/w...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 2967       Last Update : 2010-01-19

• What time are your classes?
   The tables below show the time and structure of our programs/courses Possible hours of study per we...
   Rating :        Views : 2959       Last Update : 2008-02-19

• What are the qualifications of your instructors?
   All our instructors are qualified at minimum as follows: B.A degree from a recognized univers...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 2698       Last Update : 2010-01-19

• Can I change my course or course level?
   Yes, you can. You have to fill out a Course/Level Change Request form in the student area of our web...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 3196       Last Update : 2008-02-19

• How can I move up to the next level? How do I progress through your 11 levels of English?
   You will get a detailed evaluation report (Report Card) on-line every 4 weeks. This contains your at...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 2686       Last Update : 2010-01-19

• What are your material fees?
   Material fees are as follows:Full-time program - 20 to 30 hours per week $50.00 for two new t...
   Rating : Not rated       Views : 3964       Last Update : 2009-12-08

• What periods can I enroll in? What is the structure of your periods?
   What periods you enroll in depend on how many hours you register for. See the table below and click ...
   Rating :        Views : 2343       Last Update : 2010-01-19

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