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A Friendly Face on arrival

Quest offers two types of airport pickup service.

  • Representative: Greeted and escorted by repesentative
  • Limousine: Self-serve Limousine- No representative

Representative Service - 3 easy steps:

  • Get luggage.
  • Exit secure area
  • Look for Quest representative.

Look out for the representative

Upon arrival in Toronto a school representative will meet and escort you to your accommodation. The representative will be carrying a sign with the school's logo, as in the picture. He will be waiting for you directly outside your arrival gate. This is the gate you exit from after you have passed immigration and collected your luggage. The repesentative will be waiting for you directly in front of the information booth (see image). If you do not immediately see the representative do not leave the area outside your arrival gate. Remain there.


In case of emergency or should you not see your representative after 20 minutes call Quest Emergency at 416-962-2272 ext. 3

Lost Luggage - Do not wait too long

If your luggage is lost, please continue to exit the airport and ask the Quest representative for help. Do not remain inside the arrival area or the representative may leave the airport if he does not see you 90 minutes after your flight's arrival. After 90 minutes the representative will leave the airport and you will have to take a taxi at additional cost to yourself.

Need More Help?

Watch our airport pickup video to make sure you understand the service - click here

Airpot Terminal Maps and Instructions

Arrivign at Terminal 1 Arriving at Terminal 3
Terminal 1 arrivals Video

Reserved Limousine Service.

You will not be met by a representative. Upon arrival, you must exit the airport terminal building and request an Airline Limousine company car. Quest has a contract with Airline Limousine. Provide the driver with the accommodation profile which Quest has provided to you and the driver will deliver you to your accommodation.